Sorting the Henrys: The Brevoorts and Greenwich Village
Tales of a bear, blunderbuss and ball in early 19th Century Greenwich Village
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

I have a particular fascination in digging out the truth or fiction behind myths or often repeated tales of New York City history. The Brevoort name has been long been linked with stories of Greenwich Village development. Among the many Henrys in the family, one supposedly irascible gentleman with a menagerie is often credited with using inventive means to stop the progress of Eleventh Street between Broadway and Fourth Avenue.  Another Henry brings tales of hobnobbing with authors, building a fabulous mansion, throwing an extravagant ball and leaving behind a legacy of rowhouses on Eleventh Street.

The illustrated lecture explored the intriguing myths and tales of the farmland, mansions and rowhouses of the Brevoort family in early 19th century Greenwich Village.

family tree

Brevoort Family Tree


Henry Protests
Digital Collage Illustration